Monday, 1 August 2016

Diamond Buying for Dummies

1. Use 3 days to study whatever you can from Paul Gian from

2. Determine your budget.

3. If you buying from WhiteFlash, filter out only the best cut. WhiteFlash's signature cut will be "A CUT ABOVE".

Filter out only the best via WhiteFlash's search function.

4. Choose a few stones that is within your budget. Copy out the URLs and email Paul to seek his advice. You can see my discussion with him in my earlier post.

5. He will give him his insights and help you determine which stone you should get.

6. Once you are satisfied, you can make the purchase.
Important Tips
For new customer, you will have USD 25 off your first purchase if the purchase is above USD 2,000. The discount code is WELCOME25. However, do double-check with their helpful customer service first, in case they changed their T&Cs.
For returning customer, you can have USD 100 off your purchase if it is above USD 2,000. Check out their referral and loyalty program.
If possible, pay via wire transfer to save an additional 3% off the total credit card price!
7. Finally thank Paul for helping out. You can opt to refer his site as your referral.

8. There, done!