Tuesday, 5 June 2018

WhiteFlash Recommendations!

Below are some WhiteFlash diamonds I have selected based on my own preferences. I have chosen them from 30-pointers up until 1 carat.

What I focus on is the Hearts and Arrows precision and the contrast level. I also prefer table size that is max at 56 and lower girdle of 76% and 77%. I will add on some comments later, but if you are interested in any of these, feel free to drop me an email at myengringexp at gmail dot com.

p.s. I will also make time for Brian Gavin Diamonds later.

Here you go:

0.305ct F VS1 WhiteFlash ACA

0.548ct D VVS1 WhiteFlash ACA

0.544ct F VVS2 WhiteFlash ACA

0.508ct D VVS2 WhiteFlash ACA

0.531ct G VS2 WhiteFlash ACA

0.544ct H VS2 WhiteFlash ACA

0.543ct E VS1 WhiteFlash ACA

0.538ct E VS1 WhiteFlash ACA

0.678ct H VS2 WhiteFlash ACA

0.66ct G VS2 WhiteFlash ACA

0.623ct D VS1 WhiteFlash ACA

0.605ct F VVS2 WhiteFlash ACA

0.605ct G VS1 WhiteFlash ACA

0.614ct F VS1 WhiteFlash ACA

0.617ct D VVS2 WhiteFlash ACA

0.608ct E VS1 WhiteFlash ACA

0.706ct  G VS1 WhiteFlash ACA

0.715ct H VS2 WhiteFlash ACA

0.80ct F VVS2 WhiteFlash ACA

0.818ct H VS WhiteFlash ACA

0.81ct H VS2 WhiteFlash ACA

0.918ct G VS2 WhiteFlash ACA

1.007 G VS1 WhiteFlash ACA

Thursday, 31 May 2018

A Powerful 30-Pointer WhiteFlash ACA Collection Series Diamond and Perhaps a Golden Period to Get Diamonds Online!

This 30-pointer certainly looks great. The IdealScope, ASET, and Hearts images look excellent. The calculated ideal weight shows is 0.304ct, meaning the actual diamond is cut to a high degree of precision and not cut for weight retention. I do have to highlight that relying on images to determine a stone’s performance is the more important factor, in comparison to the calculated ideal weight.

0.304ct WhiteFlash ACA Collection Series Actual Diamond Image
0.304ct WhiteFlash ACA Collection Series IdealScope Image
0.304ct WhiteFlash ACA Collection Series ASET Image
0.304ct WhiteFlash ACA Collection Series Hearts Image
Now, at F colour and VVS2 clarity, this diamond falls under WhiteFlash’s Collection Series, which is the top collection available in WhiteFlash's inventory. Now, the diamonds within this collection is simply part of the original WhiteFlash A CUT ABOVE diamonds. However, due to the rarity of the combination of “colourless” and “very very slightly included” diamonds, this warrants them to stand above the rest and to become a collection series in their own rights.

The above 15% crown height and the 34.7 degree crown angle gives ample space for the light to refract into beautiful rainbow colours and increases the fire of the diamond. The rule of thumb is that the steeper the crown angle, the better the fire and I find that the proportions for crown angle, which is between 34 degree to 35 degree provided by WhiteFlash is more or less sufficient enough to land you a diamond with excellent fire. Personally, I would try to make sure it is at least 34.3 degree as suggested by Todd Gray from Niceice. Why? My personal view is that this is to make sure that the diamond you may be getting online has a higher chance to be as excellent as possible. Another thing is that I will tend to look for diamonds with star facets above 50. This is to make sure that the diamond will have enough contrast. It is pretty evident on the AGS certificate from WhiteFlash

Speaking about certificates, please note that the certificates used by WhiteFlash is actually the top certificate available from AGS. It is the Platinum Diamond Quality Document. This certificate is definitely better than the Diamond Quality Document provided by some brick-and-mortar stores (if they ever carry any AGS stones) because it includes the light performance result. 

In fact, personally, I feel that AGS certificates give more accurate details as they do not round up crucial angles such as crown angle and pavilion angle. For instance, 33.8 degree angle and 34.2 degree angle is always rounded to 34 degree for GIA, but for AGS, the result will remain the same. Also, AGS provides a diamond’s carat weight up to 3 decimal places while GIA maintains 2 decimal places only. This means a 0.596ct diamond will be shown as a 0.596ct diamond on a AGS certificate while the same diamond will be shown as a 0.60ct diamond on a GIA certificate. To add on, the Platinum Diamond Quality Document will provide the inclusion plot diagram that depicts the location of each inclusion clearly. Last but not least, as mentioned before, you will also be able to see the light performance image of the diamond itself. 

Now, since WhiteFlash is using the Platinum Diamond Quality Document for most of its in-house diamonds (if not all), this means that even if your diamond is a 30-pointer diamond like the one I am recommending here, you will get a better overall view of the diamond compared to a 30-pointer GIA diamond, whereby it will only come with a GIA Diamond Dossier most of the time. This certificate does not contain any information regarding the location of the inclusions, which is only available for GIA Diamond Grading Report that mostly comes with a diamond that is at least one carat and above. And of course, light performance is not available for GIA reports. However, some major diamond cutting companies start to capture light performance images themselves even the stones are graded by GIA as they probably start to see the value by doing so.

Alright, I am drifting away, so let us get back to this diamond. Now, the lower girdle percentage of 76% is definitely great. This makes the arrows look fatter and thus make them to return bold sparks that are mesmerising. At VVS2, this diamond is definitely eye-clean so there is nothing to worry about. And F colour? Well, this just makes the diamond to be highly desirable as it is within the colourless range. Overall, this is one of the best 30-pointers money can buy!

Now, at USD 846, this diamond will cost us RM 3384.00 (assuming an exchange rate of 4). I would highly recommend you to use MoneyMatch to perform the wire transfer simply because they provide the best overall rate so far, thanks to the one-time RM 25 discount for new registration, provided that you mentioned my name “Yang Kin” when you are doing the e-KYC video call. Just tell them that “Yang Kin introduces you to MoneyMatch” to get the RM 25 discount code. In case the promotion is no longer available, then do use the discount code REF637 to get RM 15 off, which is still not bad!

With the removal of GST in June and the pending reintroduction of SST in September, I strongly believe this item will be tax-free within this period. Therefore, assuming I am right, we will be saving around RM 203.04 without the GST. So, let us move on to choose a very decent ring setting at RM 1500.00 from Memory Jewellery, we can get the whole engagement ring done at approximately RM 4884.00. And yes, again, the RM 1500.00 ring settings from Memory Jewellery are pretty decent. They look thick enough and classy enough. You can always message them and enquire more details from them! 

Alternatively, you can also look for iDo Jewellery at Bukit Jalil as she also offer ring customisation service. Although her price is higher, but she uses palladium in her 18k white gold alloy (according to iDo Jewellery's info) and this makes the ring to be hypoallergenic. This is definitely a good news for those who are sensitive to nickel, which is used in standard 18k white gold. Do note that the people that are sensitive to nickel are quite rare.

I hope you find this article useful, and I sincerely hope that you guys can really enjoy the very possible tax-free period between June til September. So if any of you that read this article buys a diamond from WhiteFlash, do let me know if it is really tax-free so that other potential buyers can know! Many thanks and good luck!

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

1.012 Carat of Awesomeness from Brian Gavin Diamonds!

This 1.012 Carat L VS1 Brian Gavin Blue Diamond can make your 1 carat wish come true. First of all, I will consider this a high precision cut diamond despite that no H&A image is provided. This is because Brian Gavin Diamonds is famous for its H&A and the cut quality should be applicable across all their in-house diamonds. Of course, you can still say that no image means no proof, well, that's good news, at least you know what you want. But for me, I think I am fine with the stone as long as it is from Brian Gavin Diamonds.

1.012 Carat L VS1 Brian Gavin Blue Diamond

1.012 Carat L VS1 Brian Gavin Blue Diamond ASET
1.012 Carat L VS1 Brian Gavin Blue Diamond IdealScope

So, what's so good about this stone?

Apart from being a VS1 stone, which guarantees eye-cleanliness, the calculated weight of this stone is 1.011ct. As the difference between the actual weight and the calculated weight is pretty minimal, I would say that this stone is cut to maximize its beauty. Next, its ASET images shows that there is no weaker light return whatsoever and the IdealScope image shows that the light return is very strong. We can be picky and penalize on the slight leakage at the 5 o'clock position of the IdealScope but that is really about it. Now, the 76% lower girdle facet will guarantee that this diamond will return bold sparks!

Next, the pairing between the wide table (56.9%) and the diamond height (61.2%) looks good to me. This is because I have observed that a lot of H&A diamonds that have a wide table will tend to have a shorter diamond total depth.

We now move on to the colour of this diamond. Despite it is an L colour diamond, the presence of the medium blue fluorescence will probably help this darling to look whiter by complementing its L colour yellowness. Because of the colour, I would say that this diamond is pretty unique as I don't think that there are many high precision cut diamonds that come with this colour. To me, it is really a selling point as it makes one stand out from the norm. How often do you hear your friends or family saying that "Oh, this is an L colour diamond?" Also, it looks kind of cool just to tell people around that "I am wearing an L colour high precision cut diamond that has blue fluorescence." Cool right? Or it is just me? :p

Of course, the best part is the price. With such colour and fluorescence drilling down the price, it is absolutely a value buy for those who appreciate such "uniqueness". No pun intended, I am actually serious. To add on, with April being the Diamond Month, Brian Gavin Diamonds is running a promotion of 10% discount (including 3% wire discount), further dropping the diamond's price.

Using USD 4182.00 as base, which is the price without the 3% wire discount, let's apply a 10% discount to it. This will make the price of this diamond to be USD 3763.80. As Brian Gavin Diamonds does not provide free shipping, therefore, please add another USD 55 for shipping. This will make the price to be USD 3818.80. Using MoneyMatch's estimated exchange rate of 3.9, the price for this diamond in terms of RM will be RM 14893.32. Add on 6% GST, and the price becomes RM 15786.92. Now, add on RM 100 for misc. charges (I have used RM 100 to provide more buffer. In reality, it should be lesser), and the price becomes RM 15886.92.

For ring setting, if you engaged Memory Jewellery at Sentul, the price should be from RM 1000 for standard designs while between RM 1000 - RM 1500 for custom design. Yes, I have checked with them before and apparently the price does not increase with size. At least not for 1 carat diamond. So, assuming this diamond is mounted onto a simple 6 prongs custom design solitaire with rose gold in order to complement the diamond's yellowish tint, the final price will be RM 17386.92.

Not too bad, right?

Thanks for reading and let me know if you need any help. You can look for me at Lowyat forum. My username is kambingkoh. Alternatively, you may email me at myengringexp at gmail dot com.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Brian Gavin Diamonds April Promotion!!! And why Signature Blue?

This is absolutely great news! Brian Gavin Diamonds in throwing in a 10% off promotion this whole week! Just use coupon code APRILDIA181 when you check out! Offer valid until 15/09/2018 11:59pm (Houston time).

Use coupon code APRILDIA181 this whole week!
Yes, I know - No Black by Brian Gavin for this promo, but then this does not mean you can't get anything decent from them! As a matter of fact, it is much harder or almost impossible to get something that you would want to return to them right away. I just have absolute faith in Brian Gavin's product.

This time around, my focus is on Signature Blue. So, you may me wondering, why Signature Blue? Why choose a diamond with fluorescence? Isn't fluorescence a bad thing? So, let me show you this link to one of Malaysia's famous private jeweller - Suen Jewellers:

According to the post, she (assuming the writer is a she) mentioned that:
Actually, the visible effects of faint to medium fluorescence are perceptible only to a gemologist using a special UV light source.
Follow by:
Overall, fluorescence should not be a major factor in the diamond purchase since its effects on appearance are negligible, if not slightly positive. The exception would be to exercise caution in purchasing a diamond with strong or very strong fluorescence in D-H color diamonds (which do not possess enough yellow color to offset the blue fluorescence).
Also, according to Todd Gray from NiceIce - http://niceice.com/blue-fluorescence-diamond/:
In the 25+ years I spent as a diamond buyer, I literally graded and evaluated thousands and thousands of diamonds and during that time I recall seeing very few diamonds which were negatively impacted by the presence of blue fluorescence and every one of them had been graded as having a level of fluorescence which was “extremely strong blue” or “distinct blue” which are synonymous grading terms used to describe a level of fluorescence which is beyond very strong.

If you wondering who is Todd Gray, he is my go-to-guy for any diamonds related matters, I would consider him my teacher provided if he sees me as his student. Haha! I would say he is a close friend to Brian Gavin and he is extremely picky when it comes to picking diamonds.

So, I can conclude that not only fluorescence can bring down the diamond price, but at the same time, it can make lower grade colours to appear whiter! Speaking of which, lower grade colours can also bring down the diamond price as well!

I am not sure about you, but I find this piece decent and price-friendly - 0.808 J VS2 SIGNATURE BLUE ROUND! Great proportions, great IdealScope, great ASET. No Hearts image though, but then, it is very hard to doubt that it is not cut to a very high degree of optical precision as there are no light leakage detected on the IdealScope and no weaker light return detected on the ASET. Also, the arrows are also sharp and crisp, therefore it is highly likely that this is Hearts & Arrows diamond. In fact, I don't think Brian Gavin's cutter can cut something that is not as good! I am not sure why they would choose to omit it, but my best guess is that they want to save the time spent on photographing the Hearts. Just take it with a pinch of salt though. Anyway, the price? USD 2508.00! Oh wait, remember we can have 7% off now by entering APRILDIA181 when we check out?! Why 7%? Because the 10% discount is inclusive of wire discount of 3%, and the price I listed here is the wire price, so, 7% off it is! So, after factoring in this, the price should be: USD 2332.44. Please note that this is just an approximate price because I am not sure which price they will use as the base to calculate the final price, nonetheless, it should be close! Now, at this price and be able to get something at this size with such great quality, it is pretty remarkable! Besides, it may look whiter than a J colour!

Personally, I find that the video of this 0.310 I VS1 SIGNATURE BLUE ROUND is even more remarkable! I am obsessed with its sparkles! Wire price is USD 580.00, so reducing a further 7% will make the price to become USD 539.40. Again, this is just an approximation. The actual value should be closed.

Now, you will probably have to pay for the shipment no matter which diamond you buy. The price will be approximately USD 55.00, but you can try to negotiate with them and see if the price can be waived totally or reduce a little. Using the 30-pointer as example, and assuming the final price is SD 539.40 + USD 55.00 = USD 594.40. This converts to around RM 2318.16. Then, add on 6% GST and the value becomes RM 2457.25. Lastly, add RM 50 as misc. charges such as 6% GST on freight and insurance, and the final payable will become RM 2507.25. Add on a ready design ring setting from Memory Jewellery at Sentul, assuming the price is RM 1000, the final price for this lovely 30-pointer will be RM 3507.25! You can look for them at the KL PJ wedding fair next Friday - Sunday (20/04 - 22/04). Overall, I would say this is certainly a great route for those who have a tight budget, but wanted something that brings the best bang for money! 

Oh, by the way, Brian Gavin chooses each Signature Blue personally to make sure it has no negative impact, so you are certainly in safe hands!

Alright! Let me know if you need further help. You can either look for me on Lowyat forum, my username is kambingkoh. Alternatively, you can email me at myengringexp at gmail dot com.

Good luck!

Saturday, 7 April 2018

A Rather Decent GIA 60-Pointer from Zoara

This 0.6ct F VVS2 diamond which is graded by GIA looks lovely.

This diamond definitely has precise arrows. However, since Zoara does not provide ASET image, IdealScope image, and Hearts & Arrows image, we have no way to be sure how good are the hearts. However, you can always engage their friendly consultants via the online chat button at the bottom right:
Click on this button to consult a Zoara sales consultant
Sometimes, if you are lucky, the supplier does provide the necessary images, which then Zoara can forward it to you for your reference. Based on experience, this diamond at most will be considered a near H&A diamond instead of a true H&A diamond, as we can see some dark areas a the lower half of the diamond. Nonetheless, my guess is that the cutting precision is more or less there and its proportions are better than a lot of diamonds out in the market. Check it out below:

GIA-1288262653 Cert
Despite I like 75% lower girdle percentage for the bolder sparks, but this 80% somehow looks more like 78% because GIA will round up this figure and I believe this is the case here. If it is really 78%, then it is actually not bad.

The calculated ideal weight for this diamond is 0.596ct. Although it may look like it has not reached 0.6ct yet, but based on GIA standard, this will be rounded to 0.6ct. Besides, the difference between a real 0.596ct and a 0.6ct should be pretty negligible, won't you think?

Next, the HCA score returns a score of 1.1:
GIA-128262653 HCA Score
This is expected as this diamond has tight proportions that meets even WhiteFlash's ACA requirements. So based on this, one can always expect this diamond will score 100% on Enchanted Cut Score, which is the case here:
GIA-128262653 Enchanted Cut Score
Of course, all this HCA and calculator thingy are more for "feel good" or reassurance which should be used as a rejection tool rather than a selection tool. Images are still more powerful and should be considered as part of the selection process. In this case, why am I recommending this diamond? This is because there can be people that do not feel it is worth to pay a premium for the best of the best, but rather, it is more feasible to maximize the carat weight simply because well, the size is more obvious than anything else! There are also people that desire to have a super ideal but found that his/her budget cannot achieve their desire requirement, such as minimum carat weight, therefore, Zoara is here to provide an alternative. There are also people that only needs a GIA Triple Excellent diamond, so, Zoara it is. And, if you are lucky enough, you may be able to receive the ASET image and Hearts image. But of course, since this diamond already has tight proportions and the arrows are precise, it is highly likely that this diamond can perform well. In worst case scenario, you can simply return the diamond to Zoara within 60 days. You will have to bear the shipping and misc. cost though:

Zoara International Returns
Zoara is well-connected to multiple suppliers and the prices really beat a lot of competitors using the same way to sell diamonds. If a competitor has a certain diamond that can be found on Zoara, usually Zoara will have the cheaper price. Speaking of price, guess how much does this diamond cost? USD 2167.00. The exchange rate should be around USD 3.91 using MoneyMatch. You may see it higher now because usually night time rates will be higher. They will usually update their rates at 9am and you will most likely get better rates in the morning before 12pm. Anyway, using 3.91 as base and adding on 6% GST together with misc. charges of RM 50.00, this diamond will cost around RM 9155.69.

Then, setting the diamond using a ready design ring setting from Memory Jewellery at Sentul will cost you around RM 1000. Custom design will range from there until RM 1500. You can always make an appointment with them via Facebook. Ultimately, you should be able to grab yourself a 60-pointer GIA Triple Excellent F VVS2 diamond mounted on a 18k white gold/rose gold/yellow gold solitaire engagement ring with the price between RM 10155.69 - RM 10655.69. Not too bad, eh?

As usual, let me know if you need further assistance. You can always reach me via email by sending to myengringexp at gmail dot com.

Good luck and all the best!

Monday, 2 April 2018

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

What I Think About ZCOVA's Ultimate Guide To Buying Diamonds Online

So the other day I stumbled upon this article on VulcanPost:

Yeap, it is about ZCOVA, one of the best place to buy Triple Excellent diamonds in Malaysia.

Within that article, there is a link to this blog post:

I am in particular interested in point no.2 - A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words. The below snippet is mentioned: Hearts and Arrows are the fundamentals to create a round diamond. Without the Hearts and Arrows, it will be impossible to produce a round brilliant diamond.

And then from what I understand, they are saying that all round brilliants are Hearts & Arrows diamond, which of course, based on their explanation, they are correct. They then breakdown the H&A into four different categories - Excellent, Very Good, Good, and Poor. While other vendors do call diamonds that are poorly cut using terms like "poor Hearts & Arrows", but when they claim a diamond to be H&A, without specifying whether they are Excellent, Very Good, Good, or Poor, they really mean something that shows the crisp image of Hearts & Arrows. You can read more about WhiteFlash's H&A here, and Brian Gavin Diamonds' one here. Of course, gimmick or not, is up to each individual's interpretation.

Now, under the Excellent category shown by ZCOVA, we see 3 fantastic diamonds. Honestly, the choices selected by them are not bad at all.

The first diamond: GIA 5182301470

GIA 5182301470
Now, this diamond has a pretty wide table. Based on WhiteFlash's ACA standard, this diamond won't fall into their ACA category. The maximum table width that is accepted by WhiteFlash is 58%. However, there are some rare instances whereby a diamond that is slightly out of their specification to be accepted into ACA. For instance, a diamond with a 35.1 degree crown angle (WhiteFlash's standard states that the maximum accepted crown angle is 35 degree). However, for a table this wide, it is surely our of ACA range.

So, does this mean that this is a bad diamond? Not at all? Enchanted Cut Score granted it a cut score of 97.2%, which is actually pretty good. HCA shows a very good number as well, with Excellent in all categories:
HCA for GIA 5182301470
Although the table is slightly wide, this doesn't mean that this diamond is no good. In fact, every other proportions checks out pretty well. One thing I noticed is that this diamond's total depth is below 60%. I observed that usually as diamond's depth goes deeper, the table's width should go smaller. Or, as the diamond's depth goes shallower, the table's width should go wider. Since this diamond has a depth that is on the shallower side, I would say it is acceptable to have a wider table. Of course, this is based on my observation of diamonds, so take it with a pinch of salt.

The center of the diamond looks promising as well, as it contains quite some clustering around the base of the arrows. This clustering will be able to increase the contrast level of the diamond and improve its overall scintillation and fire.

At the 9 o'clock section, I noticed that there is this dark blue patch at the border of the table. Not sure what it is, but I will say that it is probably some indicator that the cut is slightly off. Of course, this is just a guess. So again, remember to take it with a pinch of salt.

How well can this GIA diamond perform, we won't know for sure, as there are no performance images provided. The only image we have is the actual diamond image. Of course, I have to say the proportions is pretty decent and the arrows look pretty decent, with some slight misalignment at  the 11 o'clock position. Overall, I would say this diamond should perform pretty well.  At 3 ringgit shy of 10k, for a 0.6ct F VS1,  I would say not too bad.

Now, let's take a look at what WhiteFlash is offering. The cheapest ACA they are offering is USD 2755.00, which converts to roughly RM 10711.44 using an exchange rate of 3.888. Then add on 6% GST and the total becomes RM 11354.13. Finally, add on some misc. charges and the final price should be approximately RM 11400.00.

So now, the difference between the offering from ZCOVA and the cheapest 60-pointer offering from WhiteFlash is RM 1403.00. Now, whether this price is justifiable is up to each individual. For RM 1403.00 extra, you will be getting a stone with all the necessary images - actual diamond image, IdealScope image, ASET image, and Hearts image. The IdealScope looks red enough, although I would say it still has some room for improvements. The ASET shows some very very slight green (weaker light return between the 5 o'clock to 7 o'clock region, but those are negligible because they are not detected in the ASET inside the certificate. The Hearts look great as well. This is a decent performer.

I won't put my hopes too high when it comes to getting the performance images from any local vendors. Now, I am not talking about ZCOVA alone, but any other vendors as well. This is because they probably won't provide you by saying that there are no such images captured. Maybe they are right, but maybe they have it but just don't want to share with customers, who knows? If some vendor tells you that only a certain carat size is eligible for those performance images, then it makes me wonder why companies such as Enchanted Diamonds is able to provide such images for a 30-pointer diamond, such as this one: https://enchanteddiamonds.com/diamonds/view/R33-07Z264925? OK, maybe this time the answer is "because the supplier does not provide", which is actually an eligible answer because not all suppliers will take the performance images. Despite that, I do know that certain suppliers do provide performance images in their business-to-business (B2B - the sales relationship between the diamond retailer and the diamond supplier) listing and yes, even for 30-pointers. So if a particular vendor is connected to a supplier that is able to do so, then there should provide the performance images to the potential clients as well.

By the way, some may claim that the photo capturing setup is expensive to buy. This may be true for a startup-retailer, as one such device like the DiBox 2.0 from Lexus India can cost more than Euro 9900! However, for diamond suppliers that are doing million dollars of business, I don't think that is a big amount, so I would say they in fact have the capability to buy such devices. As a matter of fact, as mentioned before, some of the diamond suppliers do capture the performance images, so it is up to the diamond retailers to make the decision whether to share it out or not. Enchanted Diamonds is one of the companies that decided to share it out.

Now, let's move on to the next diamond listed in ZCOVA's article - GIA 7271203342:
GIA 7271203342
Now, this diamond has the proportions that meet WhiteFlash's ACA standard, The 35 degree crown angle is a great angle for excellent fire while the 40.6 pavilion angle is a great angle for excellent light return. Besides, the relationship between the crown angle and the pavilion angle is ideally inverse of each other. This means if the crown angle gets steeper, the pavilion angle should get shallower, and vice versa. For this diamond, 35 degree crown angle is considered the maximum steepest angle for the WhiteFlash's ACA standard while the 40.6 degree pavilion angle is considered the shallowest angle for the WhiteFlash's ACA standard, so I would say it is indeed a good pairing! Of course, I would definitely say as long as the numbers fall within WhiteFlash's ACA standard, the diamond is considered hitting the bulls-eye as those numbers are really the perfect middle-ground for a diamond to perform well in all lighting conditions, so the pairing between a steep crown angle and shallow pavilion angle is really just a bonus. The table width of this diamond is at 58% and pairing it with a 61.3% total depth looks good to me as 61.3% is not too deep as deeper diamonds tend to pair with a smaller diamond table width most of the time. So, numbers alone, this is a great diamond! By the way, the HCA score is 1:

There is also some clustering at the base of the arrows and this may increase the contrast of the diamond as well.

Now, if I look at the actual diamond image, the region between 6 o'clock to 8 o'clock seems to have some brownish effect and this sort of effect may be an indicator that the cut is slightly off. Again, we need the IdealScope or ASET images to see things better. Unfortunately, we don't have access to those.

So can we get something similar from WhiteFlash? Yes, there is this 0.341 ct J SI1 A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond selling at USD 642.00. Today (28/03/2018), exchange rate from USD to MYR on MoneyMatch is 3.888. So converting USD 642.00 with this rate and the price in RM will be RM 2496.10. Add 6% GST, and the price becomes RM 2645.87. Add on some misc. charges, and the price will be approximately RM 2680.00. Now, the selling price for GIA 7271203342 on ZCOVA is RM 2782.00, so this means in this case, the WhiteFlash ACA is even cheaper! So you actually save RM 182.00 compared to buying from ZCOVA for the same 4Cs. Moreover, that GIA 7271203342 has faint fluorescence, which means the price can be more expensive if it is without. This is because fluorescence in general will bring the price of the diamond down. I actually don't mind fluorescence because based on what I have read, it is hard to find a diamond with fluorescence that has negative impact. Besides, it tends to bring the price of the diamond down and make it a good purchase as long as there is no negative impact. For excellent quality fluorescence diamonds, do consider Brian Gavin Blue.

Now, since ZCOVA's inventory actually belongs to their suppliers, that means there is a chance that you may stumble upon the same piece on other vendor's site, as long as the other vendor also connects to the same supplier. So, let's try to search on Zoara... and voila! Found the exact same piece there! The price will be USD 502. Now, Zoara charges USD 30 for shipping handling fee so we will add that in and this makes the diamond price to be USD 532. Again, let's calculate using MoneyMatch's exchange rate of 3.888, and we get RM 2068.42. Then, add on 6% GST, and the price becomes RM 2192.53. And lastly, add on some misc. charges, and the final price will be approximately RM 2230.00. So, for the exact same piece, you will be saving around RM 552.00 compared to ZCOVA.

How about the next diamond? GIA 5276195461.
GIA 5276195461

Arrows are slightly off at the 2 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions and the arrows at 3 o'clock, 9 o'clock, 10 o'clock, and 12 o'clock positions are not that "highlighted" and this may be an indicator that the cut quality is not as good as a true super ideal. There is a brown patch at the 2 o'clock to 3 o'clock region and this may be another indicator that the cut is not as precise as a true super ideal as well. Nonetheless, proportions look acceptable to me. At 35.5 degree crown angle, it may be slightly too steep but perhaps this can help to increase the diamond's fire. Besides, pairing it with a shallower 40.6 degree pavilion angle seems alright as the relationship between the crown angle and the pavilion angle is ideally the inverse of each other. Again, this diamond did not meet WhiteFlash's ACA standard. Despite that, personally, I am fine with 35.5 degree crown angle when it is paired with a shallow pavilion like this one. The HCA score for this diamond is 1.3:

Now, what can I get from WhiteFlash? This time, no ACA is found. However, I managed to find one Expert Selection which looks pretty decent - 1.023 ct J VVS2 Expert Selection Round Cut Loose Diamond, priced at USD 5234.00. Now, this diamond looks darn beautiful. Despite it has no clustering at the base of the arrows, it is a classic beauty. The Hearts are very precise and the performance images look promising. The 75% lower girdle facet is returning bold sparks as well! Now, you may be wondering if this diamond is that good, then why is it categorized as Expert Selection? Reason is because this diamond has Strong Blue fluorescence. One of the criterias to become an ACA is to have negligible fluorescence. Another reason is probably the 75% lower girdle facet percentage as WhiteFlash's ACA standard starts from 76%.

So, let's count. USD 5234.00 convert to RM using an exchange rate of 3.888 on MoneyMatch will be RM 20349.79. Add on 6% GST, the price becomes RM 21570.78. Add on misc. charges, and the final price becomes approximately RM 21620.00. Now, this is RM 2621.00 cheaper than what is offered by ZCOVA. Of course, we can argue that the strong fluorescence drag the price of the diamond down, which is fair enough, but I believe whatever diamonds that WhiteFlash puts in-house will certainly have no negative impact. Yes, both ACA and Expert Selection are in-house diamonds.

Wait... what about Zoara? Well, let's see... oh, hello there! So again, we can find the same piece on Zoara and the price is USD 5012.66. Add on USD 30 for shipping handling fee and the price becomes USD 5042.66. Using an exchange rate of 3.888 on MoneyMatch, the Ringgit equivalent will be RM 19605.86. Add on 6% GST, and the price becomes RM 20782.21. Lastly, add on some misc. charges, and the final price is approximately RM 20850.00. The price is cheaper by RM 3391.00! That's why I always say Zoara offers very competitive prices for GIA Triple Excellent! Oh, by the way, in case you are wondering, I am not able to locate the first diamond GIA 5182301470 on Zoara, so it probably belongs to another supplier.

ZCOVA's setting starts at RM 1650.00, despite they don't charge for design, but the price looks inclusive of it. Memory Jewellery ring settings start from RM 750.00 and ready-made design like this one costs RM 1000.00. Max price for simple solitaire with custom design but without side-stones will be RM 1500.00.

Now, is ZCOVA still a good place to buy? I would say yes. Although they are not the cheapest, but I believe they are able to guide you to diamonds with pretty good proportions and pretty good cut (although not the best cut). Like what they mentioned, they are the first online diamond shop that provides 360 degree videos for diamonds. Not that other jewelers are not able to do it, but they will share the videos via WhatsApp or email instead. So ZCOVA definitely has a more professional approach. Also, they may argue that Hearts & Arrows are overhyped and there is little to no benefit of getting a very very well cut diamond and honestly, I think there is some truth in it. Some may able to perceive the difference between a standard ideal cut and a super ideal cut while others may not, especially if the cut quality is not too far off.  At least that's what I believe. However, if the quality is really too far off, then the difference will be more obvious. To me, proportions are more important! Of course, the benefit of having a super ideal is that we can have peace of mind, knowing that the diamond will perform well no matter how we look at it as everything is so symmetrical and light performance is well-balanced overall. Even if you belong to a group of people that cannot differentiate the difference between a standard ideal and a super ideal that easily, but buying a better quality item at the right price doesn't seem like a bad idea! Moreover, those that look at your diamond may be able to see the difference and admire it. Most importantly, buying a super ideal means you will get all the necessary performance images, including ASET and IdealScope, and this can help you feel more secure and content, knowing that you are buying something that has tangible proof to back it up. Oh, by the way, if the price difference is a little, or possibly even cheaper, then why not go for the better ones right? ;)

Of course, if you really need a standard GIA Triple Excellent and decides to forgo super ideals, I think Zoara is really a decent place to shop. As you can see, their price is really competitive and although you won't be getting any performance images, you can save some money compared to buying a super ideal. This is good for those who wish to maximize their budget in terms of carat, colour, and clarity without putting too much emphasis on the performance images. So, if you are interested in this and need help, do drop me an email at myengringexp at gmail dot com. I will try to reply the soonest possible.

Until next time. :)