Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Where to Look for Ring Setting in Malaysia?

I was always on the hunt to look for reliable place to do ring setting as I believe this is one of the problem that most of us will encounter if we buy a loose diamond online. I have been recommending iDo Jewellery all this while, because to be honest, Ling's workmanship and design is pretty good.

Of course, we can always visit the malls and look for retail jewellery stores to set our diamond. Last year June, the price I checked from DeGem starts from around RM 1,500 for a simple 4-prongs solitaire design. I think the price was for a 0.42ct/0.43ct stone though, because that was the size of the stone I was looking at the shop when I asked about setting a loose stone. Then few months after that, the price I checked from Tomei is around RM 2,000 for a 0.53ct. I am not sure whether each of the branches will be the same price or not though. You may need to find out yourself. However, it seems that if the diamond gets bigger, the ring setting price may be more expensive as well. So prepare to fork out a little extra if your loose diamond is bigger that what I stated here.

If you are living outside of KL/Selangor area and it is not feasible to get in touch with some of the famous jewellery stores here such as iDo Jewellery, then letting a retail store to do the setting may be one of your options. However, you may always explore your local neighbourhood to find some local jewellery stores that are probably run as family business. Who knows you may find a hidden gem! Anyway, always remember to check the number inscribed on your diamond before passing over to the person that will be setting the diamond onto the ring setting, and always remember to check the number again when you take the diamond back from him/her.

Recently, I came across a local jeweller called Memory Jewellery. I messaged them on Facebook to get a quote and guess what? Their price is pretty decent - around RM 750 for a standard 4-prongs design for a 0.53ct diamond. And according to them, this will be the price even if you bring in your own loose stone. They also do custom design, which can cost between RM 900 - RM 1000 because more work is involved. So, I guess this jeweller is worth a visit for those who are on the hunt for a ring setting. Their setting does not contain palladium, which is one of hypoallergenic element in white gold that is highly unlikely to cause allergy, instead their white gold contains a little bit of nickel, which may cause allergy to some people. However, for the price they are giving, the price is pretty fair. Nickels are used in our daily products as well, such as spectacle frames and buttons. Read this. So, we may probably know whether we are allergic to nickel or not by now. In a very unfortunate event that you become allergic to nickel out of a sudden, then you may consider to change your ring setting to 18K white gold with palladium, or probably can even consider platinum.

If a loose diamond from WhiteFlash or Brian Gavin Diamonds is paired with such ring setting, the total ring price will be very competitive in Malaysia. The price is already not bad considering the quality of diamond you are getting even if it is paired with a ring setting (which contains palladium) that probably costs around RM 2,000. And since now we are pairing it with an even cheaper ring setting, the price is a very competitive.

If you don't need one of the best performers (a.k.a. super ideals) and just need a normal diamond ring, then you may get it in Malaysia with a cheaper price for around the same 4Cs. For a 0.4x ct diamond, this may save you around RM 600 - RM 1,000 compared to getting a super ideal diamond. Of course, sometimes, the colour and clarity you can get locally is even better than the colour and clarity of the super ideal you can get, but if the cut of the diamond is not good enough, even if it is a D colour, it may look dull and it will be outperformed by an F colour super ideal diamond. However, mind you, the cheaper price I am saying is most likely not from retail stores. I am referring to some local non-mainstream stores. Most retail stores will usually sell you similar normal diamonds at a marked-up price that is even more expensive than getting a super ideal diamond together with a custom RM 2,000 ring setting. In that case, I think you are better off with the latter combination. There are however 2 retail stores whose prices are quite competitive - Wah Chan & Habib.


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