Wednesday, 1 February 2017

iDo Jewellery Review

Well, as some of you may know, awhile back I was looking for a solitaire ring setting for my loose diamond. Finally, I have decided to try out iDo Jewellery. Ling from iDo Jewellery is good in jewellery design and has quite a good reputation in this market. At our first meetup, she showed me and my wife her workmanship, in comparison to some other ring settings from other jewellers. Indeed, her one is slightly heavier and more solid, however, if you are really critical about it, you can probably noticed slight imperfection on how symmetrical it is, but well, this is after all handcraft, therefore, it is normal. Good thing is, the price is reasonable at that time and her workmanship and quality is better than those that I have came across, so iDo Jewellery it is.

I have chosen a simple 4-prongs solitaire setting for my 0.53ct diamond, which I think is a perfect match for a stone that size. The deposit will be 50% before work commence, and 50% during product delivery. Duration needed will vary depends on demand of the market, but for mine, it took between 2-3 weeks.

So finally, the diamond has set and we received the end product at a cafe in Bukit Jalil. It was a job well done and I consider it handcrafted almost to perfection. So no complains there. However, after further checking the size is wrong and the difference is enormous. Not sure what happened, but Ling took the responsibility to help us to resize again.

After a week, we went and collect our ring again, and this time, my wife said that the ring was too tight. Uh-oh. I told her to let us observe for a couple of days and see how it goes, but as predicted, after a few days, we need another resize, so there we go again. Ling suggested to up the size by 0.5, but my wife wanted the size to be up by 1. Well, although I too feel that 0.5 will be better looking on my wife's finger but she does not like the ring too be too tight. So after getting back the ring for the 2nd time, it is still not as comfortable as we hope for. So, 3rd resize - follow my wife's request. However, this time, we will need to pay an extra RM 100 probably because there is no more free resize and extra gold is needed to make sure the ring looks good.

Finally, the ring has been resized and it is time to collect again. This time, it sits comfortably on my wife's finger. Wonderful! However, if I look from side our the ring, I can see that the ring is "bowing" towards the front. Although this is something that cannot be clearly seen when the ring is wore on her finger, but we felt a bit sad about it. But oh well, at least this time my wife has a comfortable ring, so I guess that's a good thing. We can always change the setting again in the future if we see fit. So the deal was finally settled.

If you follow me up to this point, I have to said that I have nothing against iDo Jewellery. iDo Jewellery is probably one of the best jewellers in Malaysia and even after some hiccups, I would say that it is still a fact that stands true. After all, a business deal is always 2-ways. We all have to play our part to make the deal as good as it can be. Will I engage them again? Definitely, if given the chance!

How about iDo's diamonds? I can't comment much because I did not buy from Ling. However, do find her on her Facebook and work things out with her. :) However, she did tell me before that she is able to provide the necessary images: Diamond image, H&A image, ASET image, and IdealScope image.


  1. Excellent craftsmanship.
  2. Competitive price. It has now raised to a higher price, but then, personally think that it is still acceptable. Simple design like mine is now at RM 1,800 - RM 1,900 from the previous RM 1,600.


  1. Unexpected mistake - Wrong size for the first time.
  2. May lack of QC (I was referring to minor scratches, but probably we can remind her to QC first before handover).
  3. Location is not as flexible (Most of the time, we will need to travel to Bukit Jalil).

Other Tips
Always have a mutual understanding on the ring size that is going to be crafted. This can make the business deal as smooth as possible and prevent unnecessary resizing. If you are planning to surprise your girlfriend, but you do not know her ring size, you can try to measure it while she is sleeping or ask her friends/family. To measure, you can either buy ring sizers, or print out from websites like BlueNile.

If I were to do it all over again, I will propose using a temporary loose stone ring holder as teached by Paul Gian. And then, I will go find a custom setting together. This is because resizing can have complications, such as slight drop in quality compared to the first time, also, some settings are so unique that they are unable to be resized. If you like this way, you can get the ring holder at AliExpress.

You can refer to this post for the design of my ring.


  1. Hi Blogger Yang...May I know if there is any doubt when the final product is passed back to you? How do you confirmed that your diamond is the one used in the setting?

    1. Hello.

      Ling will let you see the laser inscription on the girdle using a inscription loupe (magnifier). It may take sometime but eventually you may see the whole number or parts of it. I usually read parts of it then I am satisfy.

      Please note that it may be hard to see if the laser inscription's burn mark is washed off during setting of the stone as they need to wash it in chemical, so sometimes I am only be able to view certain numbers of the inscription only. Mine is washed off because I have reset the stone many times, but if we do it like normal, the burn mark should still be there.

      Another method is, if you know your diamond has certain inclusion at certain part of the top section of the stone, then you can try to look for it using the H&A scope.

      Also, you may play with your stone by shining it with handphone torch ligh at home, remember its effect, then when you take back the ring, do the same on the stone, and see if it is close enough.

      Last resort is trust. You just have to trust.

      Anyway, recently I bough an inscription reader and put handphone torch light behind thr background, and finally I am able to see the full inscription, however, I did not compare all the numbers against my lab certificate. I just use the last 4 digits and I am satisfy, therefore, I would say Ling is honest.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Thank you very much for the detailed explanation. I never even knew about the washing process.

    I was afraid that I may have to detect the flaws or shimmer myself to determine the stone. I always assumed they would find a way to allow you to read the inscriptions to confirm but it was great to hear from you on this as you have personally gone through it.

    I haven't gotten a chance to talk to Ling yet because she is away but will do so once she is back.

    Thank you once again.

    1. Yup, me neither. I didn't know the burn mark will get washed away after a few times. At least that was what I was told. Maybe I should check on this. My case is a bit special because I have brought my stone to 2 different jewelers and each of them probably washed them more than once because I have reset and resize a few times. For normal case, I think at most 2 times will settle. First time is when you set the ring for proposal, the other time is you bring the ring for resize (if needed).

      Anyway, the laser etched part is still there, so with enough lighting you should be able to view it just fine if you stress your eyes enough, or at least try to identify a few numbers if it is too hard, like what I did.

      No problem, and a good luck! ;)