Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Non-Mainstream Diamond Stores in Malaysia

There are some other stores that can probably offer you more detail service at a competitive price compared to standard mainstream brick and mortar stores.

Below is a list of stores I bumped into when researching for my diamond:

Physical Store
Eumayco Jewellery
Radiance Diamond
Suen Jewellers
The Jewellerists

Online Store
Tailored Jewel (online store coming soon, but they do have a store in Empire Damansara)
Audrey's Iconic Jewellery (they do have a store in Shangri-La, KL)

Not so sure
I Do Jewellery

You can always click on the links above to get in touch with them via email/WhatsApp/phone calls.

Let me share my experience after dealing with some of them.

Tailored Jewel above does have a physical store and Empire Damansara, but the way I deal with them is by appointment at some cafe outside, so they are flexible. Their online store is under development currently. So you may consider liaising with them via their Facebook page. When I requested for diamonds quotation, they do provide the H&A images as well as the HCA score, so that's something extra we can get compared to mainstream stores. I engaged them for my ring setting, although things didn't go through that well, but they do offer money-back guarantee, so I would still recommend them for local purchase. They do have satisfied customers.

I Do Jewellery does provide similar service as well, but ultimately, due to distance, I did not engage then. They are in CyberJaya, so if any of you stay near there, you may consider contacting them to arrange an appointment. When I contacted them last time, they also said that we can meet up in some cafe nearby. As for the diamond images, I am not sure whether they can provide or not so you will need to check with them.

Audrey's in Shangri-La, KL has an online store and you may purchase directly via their website. When you need clarification, you may also email them along with your questions. For me, I emailed them to request for the Idealscope & ASET images, but they do not have. However, they do provide me with the diamond's H&A images, which is good enough for me at that point.

ZCOVA website's filtering system minimum carat size is 0.75ct. This would probably blow you out of the water. However, fret not, you can always email them and ask for smaller carat size if 0.75ct and above is totally our of your budget. They created an account for me and put a few selected diamonds under my account for my review. I requested for the standard diamond images from them - Idealscope, ASET, H&A, and they said they can try to request it from their supplier. I did not follow-up to view any of them because ultimately, I did not buy from them, so I should save them from the unnecessary trouble.

So, if you want to try online store and do not have confidence buying from overseas, you can consider any of them, as they can still give you the sense of security because they are locally available and you are still able to get in touch with them easily if there is anything. Do go to their respective Facebook page to check on the customers' comments and reviews as well! Also, do study whatever you can from Beyond4Cs and ProsumerDiamonds.

However, if you want my honest opinion, the diamonds that were quoted for me so far, were not as good as what I can filter out in a short time from WhiteFlashBrian Gavin Diamonds or JamesAllen. How do I know? Because I send the images that I managed to get to Paul Gian from Beyond 4Cs to ask for his opinion. Of course, we may keep on liaising with any of the stores above until we get a diamond that meets our satisfaction, so do prepare to spend some time and effort. For now, if I really want to buy a diamond locally, I may look for Eumayco Jewellery due to their competitive pricing. Just follow-up with them on their Facebook page to get the latest pricing news.


  • GIA graded diamonds.
  • Easily contacted if there is anything.
  • Price is competitive compared to brick and mortar stores.


  • Too many selections and time consuming.
  • Lack of signature series to cut down on effort.

Update: 11 August 2016
It seems that Suen Jewellers has their own signature series called Love Diamonds, you may want to check them out at their store.

Update: 23 August 2016
What I meant by signature series is the diamond itself. The signature diamonds I came across will be graded by reputable labs such as GIA or AGS.

Out of topic:
Another interesting fact is that some diamonds that can be obtained from JamesAllen may also be obtained by our local stores. This is because JamesAllen and our local stores may be connected to the same diamond supplier(s) so they share the same repository/repositories. This/These supplier(s) provide GIA graded diamonds to all different resellers. In other words, if you managed to filter out something on JamesAllen, there is possibility that you might be able to buy it locally here. You can probably consult further with the store owner. The only difference between JamesAllen and our local online stores is that JamesAllen has their own signature series, True Hearts, which is filtered out by them as cream of the crop, and sold exclusively by them.

JamesAllen does not ship to Malaysia, however, they do ship to Singapore, so if you are interested to buy from JamesAllen, probably you need someone to get it for you in Singapore.

Personally, I would recommend to buy from WhiteFlash and Brian Gavin Diamonds. They do ship to Malaysia. Check out my experience with WhiteFlash here.