Sunday, 14 May 2017

Stay Tuned for This 0.307ct E IF Black by Brian Gavin!

For those that are on the hunt for a 30-pointer as an engagement ring, make sure you stay tuned for this 0.307ct E IF Black by Brian Gavin. You will most likely grab this diamond with an approximate price between RM 4300 - RM 4400, depending on exchange rate of the day.

It is advisable to use telegraphic transfer (a.k.a. wire transfer) as the funds will be transferred faster than credit card. Besides, since we are buying from the US, overseas credit card will be scrutinized and may get rejected due to certain reason. Using telegraphic transfer via M2U will cost RM 10, but feel free to use other banks' similar facility. Also, you will save around 3% of credit card charges.

Once your diamond arrives, you will have the pay the 6% GST to the courier guy (most likely Fedex) and you will receive you diamond. Then, you can probably consider one of the cheapest jewellers I have met - Memory Jewellery for your ring setting. Their price is pretty affordable as I have double confirmed a 18k white gold default setting at RM 750 with a weight between 3.3g - 3.6g according to them. They do take in custom design as well and price will vary, depending on customer's preference.

You can probably get everything done at a price of RM 5150 for standard default 18k white gold design or below RM 6000 if you choose custom design. I cannot vouch for their quality because I have never seen their settings, but it should be pretty standard.

Good luck to those who are on the hunt for an engagement ring!

Update: 26th May 2017
And the IdealScope and H&A image is up! And good thing to know is that today's Forex exchange rate is at 4.345! So, let's count:

Diamond + Shipment:
USD 880 + USD 44 = USD 924

Convert to MYR:
USD 924 x 4.345 = MYR 4014.78

Add 6% GST:
MYR 4014.78 + 6% = MYR 4255.67

Add Memory Jewellery 18k White Gold Standard Design @ MYR 750:
MYR 4255.67 + RM 750 = MYR 5005.67

Add Memory Jewellery 18k White Gold Custom Design @ MYR 1000 to MYR 1500:
MYR 4255.67 + MYR 1000 or MYR 1500 = Between MYR 5255.67 to MYR 5755.67

So now you get one of the best 30-pointers in the world just below MYR 6000!

The minor complain is that I noticed that there is something going on in the circled area, it may or may not be an inclusion. If it is not an inclusion, then it is probably some dust or some reflection of the devices and instruments that are used while capturing the video.

However, you don't have to be worried about it because this video is captured at 35x magnification, not 10x. That means you probably can't even notice it even if you have eagle eyes,

BBGD 0.307ct E IF

BBGD 0.307 E IF

Now, take a look at AGS' definition of IF:
So yea, you can't even notice it without a loupe. Also, there is also good chance that it is just a reflection or some dust. But at IF clarity, I won't even bother even if it is really an inclusion.

You can always ask their customer service to double-check on this diamond and see if it is an inclusion, a reflection, or just some dust. They are helpful. :)

So, yup, that's it. This will be my engagement diamond if I am going to get a 30-pointer. It is worth the money and it is one of the best diamonds in the world.


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