Sunday, 29 October 2017

Another Interesting 0.3ct E VVS2 from Zoara!

Ladies and gentlemen,

This should be an interesting piece:

GIA Cert for 0.3ct E VVS2 from Zoara

0.3ct E VVS2 from Zoara

The HCA score is 1.7 and Enchanted Cut Score is 100%.

HCA Score for 0.3ct E VVS2 from Zoara

You may be wondering why the light return is just Very Good, despite the 1.7 HCA score. This is most likely caused by the pairing between the crown angle and the pavilion angle. The crown angle is considered abit steep, while the pavilion angle is considered in the middle ground. Reduce the pavilion angle to 40.7 and you will see the light return becomes excellent.

Remember the theory that the relationship between crown angle and pavilion angle is an inverse relationship, therefore, ideally, the pairing should be steep crown angle pair with shallow pavilion angle, and shallow crown angle pair with steep crown angle.

Despite that, the crown angle is steep in a good way because it is not over-steep and this crown angle will make the diamond to show more fire. The pavilion angle is within the range of good pavilion angles and thus, should return a good amount of light.

There is a little possibility that this diamond will drop out of the HCA score of 2 though. This is because GIA rounds up crown angle to the nearest 0.5 degree. This means that the real average crown angle could be 35.2 degree. In this case, the HCA score will become 2.1. Of course, this is just for sharing purpose, at this price with this proportion, it is a value buy to me at the price of USD 616 + USD 30 for handling fee.

So, transferring using MoneyMatch, the price will be as below:

Add 6% for GST and total will be 2926.32. Add RM 50 (should be lower, I am just allocating more buffer) for some additional GST on freight and insurance. So to simplify things, I will say this stone will be on your hands for approximately RM 3000.00.

Now, a simple ring setting from Memory Jewellery will set you back for another RM 750 to RM 1500 approximately, depending on whether it is a ready-made design or a  custom design. Therefore, the total will be approximately RM 3750 - RM 4500 max.

Oh, the cutter also did not "cheat" on this stone by the way, if you use the formula below: Length x Width x Depth x 0.0061 = Carat Weight. So it is a pretty ideal stone to me. :)


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