Saturday, 7 April 2018

A Rather Decent GIA 60-Pointer from Zoara

This 0.6ct F VVS2 diamond which is graded by GIA looks lovely.

This diamond definitely has precise arrows. However, since Zoara does not provide ASET image, IdealScope image, and Hearts & Arrows image, we have no way to be sure how good are the hearts. However, you can always engage their friendly consultants via the online chat button at the bottom right:
Click on this button to consult a Zoara sales consultant
Sometimes, if you are lucky, the supplier does provide the necessary images, which then Zoara can forward it to you for your reference. Based on experience, this diamond at most will be considered a near H&A diamond instead of a true H&A diamond, as we can see some dark areas a the lower half of the diamond. Nonetheless, my guess is that the cutting precision is more or less there and its proportions are better than a lot of diamonds out in the market. Check it out below:

GIA-1288262653 Cert
Despite I like 75% lower girdle percentage for the bolder sparks, but this 80% somehow looks more like 78% because GIA will round up this figure and I believe this is the case here. If it is really 78%, then it is actually not bad.

The calculated ideal weight for this diamond is 0.596ct. Although it may look like it has not reached 0.6ct yet, but based on GIA standard, this will be rounded to 0.6ct. Besides, the difference between a real 0.596ct and a 0.6ct should be pretty negligible, won't you think?

Next, the HCA score returns a score of 1.1:
GIA-128262653 HCA Score
This is expected as this diamond has tight proportions that meets even WhiteFlash's ACA requirements. So based on this, one can always expect this diamond will score 100% on Enchanted Cut Score, which is the case here:
GIA-128262653 Enchanted Cut Score
Of course, all this HCA and calculator thingy are more for "feel good" or reassurance which should be used as a rejection tool rather than a selection tool. Images are still more powerful and should be considered as part of the selection process. In this case, why am I recommending this diamond? This is because there can be people that do not feel it is worth to pay a premium for the best of the best, but rather, it is more feasible to maximize the carat weight simply because well, the size is more obvious than anything else! There are also people that desire to have a super ideal but found that his/her budget cannot achieve their desire requirement, such as minimum carat weight, therefore, Zoara is here to provide an alternative. There are also people that only needs a GIA Triple Excellent diamond, so, Zoara it is. And, if you are lucky enough, you may be able to receive the ASET image and Hearts image. But of course, since this diamond already has tight proportions and the arrows are precise, it is highly likely that this diamond can perform well. In worst case scenario, you can simply return the diamond to Zoara within 60 days. You will have to bear the shipping and misc. cost though:

Zoara International Returns
Zoara is well-connected to multiple suppliers and the prices really beat a lot of competitors using the same way to sell diamonds. If a competitor has a certain diamond that can be found on Zoara, usually Zoara will have the cheaper price. Speaking of price, guess how much does this diamond cost? USD 2167.00. The exchange rate should be around USD 3.91 using MoneyMatch. You may see it higher now because usually night time rates will be higher. They will usually update their rates at 9am and you will most likely get better rates in the morning before 12pm. Anyway, using 3.91 as base and adding on 6% GST together with misc. charges of RM 50.00, this diamond will cost around RM 9155.69.

Then, setting the diamond using a ready design ring setting from Memory Jewellery at Sentul will cost you around RM 1000. Custom design will range from there until RM 1500. You can always make an appointment with them via Facebook. Ultimately, you should be able to grab yourself a 60-pointer GIA Triple Excellent F VVS2 diamond mounted on a 18k white gold/rose gold/yellow gold solitaire engagement ring with the price between RM 10155.69 - RM 10655.69. Not too bad, eh?

As usual, let me know if you need further assistance. You can always reach me via email by sending to myengringexp at gmail dot com.

Good luck and all the best!