Thursday, 14 July 2016

WhiteFlash Review

Recently I have just purchased a diamond from WhiteFlash. So let me make a quick review about it.

I bumped into WhiteFlash via Beyond4cs. The first impression of their site is - Classic. It doesn't emit that kind of "young and vibrant" feel, like Tifanny & Co. However, WhiteFlash is seriously fun to use. Its response is quicker than I have imagined and its search filters are nicely done and easy to use. The page may know daunting at first, but once I used it, it is pretty friendly.

The site provides all the necessary details, including the photo of the actual diamond, the IdealScope of the diamond, the ASET image of the diamond, the Hearts & Arrows of the diamond, the Sarine Report of the diamond, and also the certificate of the diamond. These are GOLD. Not many resellers are able to provide such service, as far as Malaysia is concerned. So, good work there!

Ok, Let's move on to Customer Service. Overall, their Customer Service is excellent! All the questions I've asked have been replied promptly, despite the time zone difference. I am in Malaysia, while they are in Texas, US, which means there is a 13-hour time difference. To my pleasant surprise, their CEO, Debi Wexler even answered my questions personally. At that time, I was thinking that she may just be another 24/7 support personnel, until I found out more about the company. Talk about great leadership! She redirected my question to the company's master gemologist, Bob Hoskins, and he answered my question promptly as well. Also, other Customer Service personnel are as helpful as they can. Overall, top-notch Customer Service from them!

Next, let's move on to purchasing process. For first time customer, they can claim their USD25 welcome voucher just by typing in WELCOME25. This voucher is applicable for any purchase that is above USD2,000. Since my chosen stone was above that price, I was entitled to claim it. They also have a 3% rebate for using wire transfer, hence I decided to use Maybank (Malaysia local bank) to perform TT to WhiteFlash's account. The process was pretty easy as WhiteFlash provided all the necessary details for transaction and I can perform TT via Maybank2U (Maybank's Internet Banking) at a standard charge of RM10.00 per transaction. One thing to note was that the ABN Routing code was actually the FED code on the TT transaction screen. The exchange rate charged by Maybank will based on the TT selling price listed on their forex page. Once done, WhiteFlash was quick to receive the payment. There was a USD23 bank fee charged to WhiteFlash for receiving the money, but they absorb it. So the whole purchase was smooth. Nice.

Finally, the delivery process. The delivery was free and WhiteFlash uses Fedex International Priority. This means that I did not have to pay a single cent for delivery and I was able to receive the parcel quicker than the standard service. Below is the package I receive, along with the contents.

The package

The contents - Loose diamond in box, certificate, diamond tweezer, H&A scope, diamond holder, diamond cleaning cloth

The diamond

The hearts

The arrows

Once the package reached Malaysia, I will have to pay Goods & Services Tax (GST). It was applicable to the following items:
  1. The price of the diamond.
  2. The freight value.
  3. The insurance value - 1% of the price of the diamond.
Although the freight value and insurance value were included in this delivery, but I still need to pay the GST for each item above. All these charges had been paid by Fedex on my behalf and I paid back Fedex agent the exact amount. Always remember to prepare the required amount if you are purchasing items that are taxable from overseas.

Wait... they had forgotten about the Cherry Wood Ring Box that I had requested! Therefore, I politely inform them that I had received the ring safely, but I was a bit disappointed that they did not include the Cherry Wood Ring Box even though I had reminded them. And guess what? They agreed to sent me the box free-of-charge! :) Brilliant Customer Service!

A few days later, my Cherry Wood Ring Box arrived.

Cherry Wood Ring Box close

Cherry Wood Ring Box open

Overall, this is a very satisfying purchase from WhiteFlash, and without a doubt, I will recommend to anyone who wishes to purchase a diamond at a reasonable price!

Update: 13 October 2016
Update insurance value to 1% of the diamond price, instead of 10%.


  1. Hi want to ask you they send the diamond to FedEx and you collect from there or right straight to your doorstep ?

    1. Hi JD,

      They delivered right to my doorstep and collect the GST applicable there and then as well. So it is advisable to prepare enough money and small change because my deliver guy doesn't have spare change.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Ah thanks ! Great info from you! Actually was feeling very insecure as it's a very pricey item and worry there will be delivery issue. but because of your blog, what you shared... it Helped a lot ! Do you remember roughly the GST charges ?

    And what you think of this diamond ?

    Am in the midst of comparing between white flash and Jannpaul and JP seems a lil more pricey

    1. It is delivered by Fedex and I think that can really give you a peace of mind. Buying in brick and mortar stores to me, is a bit troublesome and I have to filter out what is a real fact, and what isn't. And most importantly, none of them can provide images.

      GST charges will be diamond price x 6% + insurance price x 6% + freight charges x 6%.

      Insurance price is 1% of the diamond price, so let's say diamond is USD 2500, then the insurance price is USD 25. So you need to pay 6% of USD 25, which is actually not that much.

      Freight I can't remember how much already. But probably cost around USD 55 - USD 75. So you need to pay 6% of it, which is again, not that much, in comparison to the amount of GST I paying for the diamond alone. I think it may only cost nothing more than RM 50. For the diamond you chosen, you probably need to pay an additional RM 700 (approximate).

      Back to your diamond, it is pretty well-cut. And in terms of brilliance, it is beautiful. Hearts & Arrows image is excellent. One minor complain is the hearts at the 7 o'clock, where the tip is a bit bend, but well, this is handcraft after all. Idealscope wise, it is good, but not the best among ACAs. I hope that it can be more red. Take a look at this one: (affiliate link), which has a better performance in terms of idealscope. Other minor things like girdle thickness, thin to medium is usually preferred, but the diamond you showed me has thin to slightly thick girdle. But I won't be bother by it. Just saying.

      Overall, the diamond you have chosen is pretty decent and it has pretty good contrast. Personally, I prefer 0.518 D VS2, which I mentioned earlier more, all because of the better light performance based on idealscope. However, given that the 0.51 E VVS2 has better clarity and looks "better" on paper, it is a decent choice too. Besides that, I don't see much difference based on the video of both diamonds. However, those videos are shot under a controlled environment and I would prefer to use other images to check on performance.

      My advice is that check things out with Jann Paul first, see what they can offer you and then we can discuss about it.

      Also, feel free to visit Brian Gavin Diamonds (, especially their Black by BGD: (affiliate link). Brian Gavin is a diamond cutter that co-founded WhiteFlash before moving out and started his own company. I used to think Brian Gavin's signature diamond competes with WhiteFlash's ACA. And now, Brian Gavin has come out with a improved line known as Black by BGD, which push the performance further by improving on the ancillary angles ( The downside of BGD is that they don't offer free shipping worldwide.

      Another diamond dealer that ships free to Malaysia is High Performance Diamonds. Check this out: Todd Gray from spoke highly of them. They can produce you a video of the diamond if you request them to.

      You may perhaps find better diamonds from other dealers, but if you ask me, the one thing WF beats competitor is the lower price and free shipping.

      However, if you really want best of the best, I think Black by Brian Gavin is worth to consider.

      Anyway, what did Jann Paul offer you? And at what price?

      Lastly, if you are buying from WhiteFlash or Brian Gavin, appreciate you can put my blog as your referral as I am affiliate to them. :) No obligations, but hope that you can consider about it. If you are curious, no, I am not affiliated to High Performance Diamond, but if you wish to buy from them, then I can introduce you to Todd Gray, or you can find him on ;)

      Good luck!

    2. I have checked with Bryan from WhiteFlash, the D VS2 reflects the feather inclusion from the pavilion to the table, therefore you will see the white line on the table on the diamond photo. However, he said it is eye-clean even if we look at close range without aid. He also said that performance wise both E VVS2 and D VS2 is identical. So it E VVS2 can give you a peace of mind, then go for it. I would still say the D VS2 will win a little in terms of performance though, but the cleaniness and the contrast of E VVS2 made up for it.