Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Brian Gavin Coupons Explained

For those who has read my blog about the 12 days of gifting promotion and get confused, I have prepared a new blog post that describes the current available coupons from Brian Gavin Diamonds.

Before we begin, I have to stress that we cannot apply more than one coupon code at the same time.
You cannot apply more than one coupon at the same time.
Ok, let's start. First in the list will be FREESHIPPING17. This voucher will entitle the purchaser to get free FEDEX INTERNATIONAL PRIORITY for any purchases. Just apply the coupon code during checkout to enjoy the benefit.

Next, for any purchase from USD 750 or above, you are entitled for a free gem which you can choose from this list here, or you can refer to the Free Gem Options image below. Just key in the coupon code FREEGEM17 during checkout.
Coupon Code: FREEGEM17
Free Gem Options
Lastly, it will be the coupon code 12DAYS17DIA0506. This is probably the best available option because there will be more savings compared to both free shipping and free gem. As you can see from the image right below, this coupon code is not applicable to Black by Brian Gavin, but it is applicable to its other signature lines, such as Brian Gavin Signature, Brian Gavin Blue, and Brian Gavin Cape.
Coupon Code: 12DAYS17DIA0506
To be honest, the diamonds within Brian Gavin Signature that is between D-G colour and IF-VS2 clarity fails to enter the realm of Black by Brian Gavin because some of them seem to be weaker light return detected by the ASET that is shown in the certificate. However, they still exhibit high optical precision and should perform pretty decently as well. As mentioned before, super ideals tend to exhibit strong light return so even if there is some slightly weaker light return detected, it should not be a problem. Black by Brian Gavin is just being "more perfect" and it is best for those who are looking for the best of the best.

There are some that shows no weak light return at all, such as this 0.534 G VS1 : https://www.briangavindiamonds.com/diamonds/diamond-details/0.534-g-vs1-round-diamond-ags-104091064031?a_aid=myengexp. I can't be sure why it is not in the Black by Brian Gavin collection, but my guess is:
1. The diamond could be sold before that can upgrade its status to Black and then this diamond is now returned to them probably for an upgrade by the customer.

2. They already issued the certificate before Black is fully ready and they do not wish to upgrade the cert again to prevent incurring additional cost. You can still see that the diamond video is captured using older technology.

3. It did not meet the strict standards Brian Gavin is looking for, even if the difference is just a little and probably not noticeable.

In fact, I find this diamond very value for money - A 0.541 H VS2.
https://www.briangavindiamonds.com/diamonds/diamond-details/0.541-h-vs2-round-diamond-ags-bl-104092069010?a_aid=myengexp. This diamond has a lower price because it has strong blue fluorescence but again, each of this diamond is personally vetted by Brian Gavin himself and this fluorescence does not bring any negative impact to the beauty of the diamond. In fact, some even said strong fluorescence may improve the whiteness of the diamond, but I can't be sure. If it is true, then why not? The H colour may look like a colourless range diamond, but without that a price tag with extra premium attached to it. The proportions of this diamond look great to me and with this promotion, this diamond only cost me USD 1526.48, so after factoring in shipping and GST, it will be around USD 1674.28 (Remember, free shipping does not apply here because only one voucher can be used a time). Therefore, I would say the price is pretty value for money!

Let's use MoneyMatch, I just round up the figure to USD 1700 to cover up any misc. cost and allocate some buffer:
As you can see, the price now is RM 6981.52, again, let's round it up to RM 7000.00.

Now, a custom solitaire setting from Memory Jewellery will cost me an addtional RM 1500.

So, the grand total for a complete 50-pointer super ideal engagement ring will be RM 8500.00! Not too bad I would say.

Thanks for reading.


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