Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Wow! 12 Days of Gifting from Brian Gavin Diamonds!

Brian Gavin Diamonds is now having its 12 Days of Gifting promotion! Best is the diamonds between 0.5ct to 0.69ct will have a discount of 12%! So, let's say a 0.5ct will cost you USD 2000, so now it will be USD 1760! A whopping USD 240 discount! Of course, I doubt this offer will be applicable together with the worldwide free shipping promo, but USD 240 alone is more than enough to cover the shipping fees which you need to pay yourself, so why not? ;)

Just key in the discount code 12DAYS17DIA0506 during checkout!

The catch is that the wire transfer needs to be in within 3 days after purchase. Fair enough! And you should have sufficient time to do so if you act quickly!

Update 6 December 2017
Apparently 12DAYS17DIA0506 is not applicable for Black by Brian Gavin diamonds. Sorry for the wrong info.
12 Days of Gifting Banner

Take advantage of the promotion to get 0.5ct - 0.69 diamonds at a decent price!

Update 6 December 2017
Apparently FREEGEM17 is not applicable for diamonds purchase. Sorry for the wrong info.

You can probably get a piece of free silver colour gemstone jewelry because every purchase of USD 750 or more is entitled to it, but I am not too sure whether multiple coupons will stack or not. My guess is probably not, but no harm trying. Just key in the code FREEGEM17. If it is not applicable or overwrites the existing voucher that provides 12% discount, then simply key in back the discount code 12DAYS17DIA0506 again!

So, what are you waiting for? Go on and search for your dream diamond at Brian Gavin Diamonds now!

Good luck!


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