Friday, 8 December 2017

One of the Best 1 Carat Diamond Money Can Buy - 1.098ct D IF WhiteFlash ACA!

When I say this is one of the best diamond money can buy, I am not joking, as this diamond I am about to talk about is a 1.098 D IF WhiteFlash ACA diamond. So you see D and IF is the highest colour and clarity you can obtained from AGS respectively, and pairing it with a superb Hearts & Arrows and ideal proportions for maximum performance, this diamond will perform like crazy.

1.098ct D IF WhiteFlash ACA
1.098ct D IF WhiteFlash ACA IdealScope
1.098ct D IF WhiteFlash ACA ASET
1.098ct D IF WhiteFlash ACA Hearts & Arrows

1.098ct D IF WhiteFlash ACA ASET on Cert

To be honest, when I first looked at this diamond, I had the feeling "boy, what a waste!". This is mainly because of the star length at 49% and another minor reason will be the 34.4 degree crown angle. I sure hope this 2 parts can go beyond 50% and at least 34.5 degree respectively. But then, once I checked the ASET on the AGS certificate, it did not disappoint me at all. There is sufficient contrast to bring this diamond to life! And when you look at that video, wow wow wow, BEAUTIFUL!

Now, the main reason for the beautiful fire is because of the small table, tall crown height, and of course, the lower girdle facet percentage, which are 55.1%, 15.4%, and 76% respectively. If you have been reading my blog, you will know that I prefer smaller table these days as well as higher crown, and also lower girdle facet like this. 76% will return wide angle light that are bold enough to dispersed into beautiful fire when the light hits the crown because there is plenty of room for the light to split into 7 beautiful components of the white light - rainbow.

Below is an interesting picture depicting fire. It is pretty straight-forward. Reference:
Light returned dispersing into fire (dispersed light) - Reference:
On a side note, if you are interested to learn more about diamonds, WhiteFlash has a whole lot of materials to educate consumers:

Now, let's take a look at some of the diamond's video images:

1.098ct D IF WhiteFlash ACA Video Right
1.098ct D IF WhiteFlash ACA Video Center
1.098ct D IF WhiteFlash ACA Video Left
Simply astonishing, right? :D

The calculated ideal weight will be: 6.65 x 6.67 x 4.10 x 0.0061 = 1.109ct (rounded to 3 decimal places). The actual weight for this diamond is 1.098ct. The calculated weight is actually heavier than the actual weight by 0.011ct. Why? I can only think of one possible reason - The cutter is sacrificing more carat (albeit just a little more) to achieve the maximum beauty possible for this diamond, which seems to be a fact to me, given how nice the diamond checks out in all aspects.

Now, let' see the price - a whopping USD 21447! So, what's that in terms of Ringgit? Let MoneyMatch tells you:
MoneyMatch says: A whopping RM 88331.96!
Given the fact that one day an individual can only transfer RM 30K out of Malaysia, this means you will need to perform 1 transaction on 3 different days! But don't worry, there are no charges for each transaction, in fact, entering in the discount code REF637 will entitle you to get RM 15 discount for each transaction! So there is a RM 45 savings.

So, let's add on 6% GST and the total becomes RM 93631.88. Wow. Amazingly expensive for an amazingly great diamond. That's like one year salary for a person that is earning more than RM 9000 gross salary per month! I guess if I am earning RM 100000 nett per month, this will be mine!

Anyway, if your affordability is there, and you really want best of the best - This is it. Alternatively, if you want something more value for money, you really can't go wrong another beautiful 1 carat WhiteFlash ACA diamond that I have blogged about:

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, until next time then. And good luck to those who are looking for a diamond ring! :)


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