Monday, 13 November 2017

2 Pretty Decent 0.3ct E VS2 from Zoara

Diamond 1
0.3ct E VS2 GIA 1182630020, HCA 0.8, Enchanted Cut Score 100%
Price: USD 606 + USD 30 (Shipping handling fee) = USD 636

0.3ct E VS2 GIA 1182630020, HCA 0.8, Enchanted Cut Score 100%

GIA 1182630020

Diamond 2
Price: USD 606 + USD 30 (Shipping handling fee) = USD 636

0.3ct E VS2 GIA 1275289433, HCA 1.3, Enchanted Cut Score 100%

GIA 1275289433
As some of you may noticed, both diamonds are above my preferred diamond depth of 62%. So if you are wondering why I still chose this two diamonds, it is because the reason the slightly extra depth is not caused by the intention of retaining weight in the expense of performance. So in both cases, they are acceptable.

Although Diamond 2 has feather inclusion, it should be relatively safe at VS2. However, do check with Zoara's customer service and see if they can help to find out the location of the feather. If it is near the edge of the girdle, make sure the feather does not pose any durability risk.

Between these 2, I am more inclined to choose Diamond 2 because it has bolder sparks and slightly better proportions based on the crown angle and pavilion angle pairing.

So let's see the exchange rate on MoneyMatch now:
Exchange rate now is 4.2301 from MoneyMatch
MoneyMatch will charge you RM 8 for this transaction because it is below RM 5000 and above (which will waive the transaction fee). However, I have MoneyMatch discount code that lasts forever: REF637. This discount code will entitle you for RM 15 discount! ;)

So, let's add in GST for this diamond: 2690.36 + 6% = RM 2851.78.  For simplicity's sake, I usually round up the figure to RM 2900, and assume the ~RM 50 is for misc. charges for GST on freight and insurance, which in real life won't cost that much for an item at this price. Now, simple solitaire fro Memory Jewellery will cost you somewhere between RM 1000 - RM 1500, making the final price to be RM 3900 - RM 4400.

Please remember that this is not a super ideal diamond, but a decent GIA Triple Excellent with good proportions. Its arrows are pretty much well-aligned and this shows that the cut quality is somewhat there. It won't be Hearts & Arrows for sure, based on my experience, but as I mentioned before, not all people need a Hearts & Arrows aka Super Ideal diamond, but only need a decent diamond. These 2 diamonds prove to be great candidates, so do consider them if you need something that is decent, budget friendly, reasonable, and at the same time, does not burn a hole in your pocket.

All the best to you guys and girls. Until next time!


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