Wednesday, 1 November 2017

A Value Buy from Zoara - A 0.4ct F VS2 GIA Triple Excellent!

Another decent GIA Triple Excellent stone from Zoara!

This 0.40ct F VS2 GIA Triple Excellent has excellent proportions!

0.40ct F VS2 GIA Triple Excellent from Zoara
This one scores 100% on Enchanted Cut Score Calculator (Enchanted Cut Score Calculator is free to use to determine the cut score for GIA stones. Read more about it here) and has an HCA score of 1.3. The arrows are well-aligned as well. The proportions will give you a pretty balanced of brilliance and fire.

Enchanted Cut Score Calculator is free to use to determine the cut score for GIA stones

HCA Score of 1.3

Let's look at the proportions:
0.40ct F VS2 GIA Triple Excellent by Zoara
34.5 degree crown angle and 40.8 degree pavilion angle is close enough to the Tolkowsky Ideal Cut's crown angle and pavilion angle. This will return a balance amount of brilliance and fire to the viewer.

Although the lower girdle facets (LGF) of 80% will tend to display smaller size flashes compared to bolder flashes, but it should be pretty acceptable, especially at this price. If I compared to WhiteFlash's ACA standard, they would accept lower girdle length of 80% into their ACA list.

On a side note, GIA tends to round the LGF to the nearest 5%, therefore, the looks of it tell me that this LGF is probably between 78% - 80%. Just some educated guess. The easiest way is to compared with another diamond with the same star length and LGF: (affiliate link). This diamond also has LGF of 80% and star length of 50%, but its arrows are somewhat slightly thinner than the first diamond I recommended. FYI, the higher the LGF, the thinner the arrows. Therefore, this is how I arrived at the conclusion that the LGF of the first diamond is between 78% - 80%, on top of my experience of looking at various ACA diamonds before hand (although with various star lengths).

Another thing to note that this diamond has some light obsctruction at 4 o'clock, 6 o'clock, and 8 o'clock positions, with the one at 4 o'clock being the most obvious. But nonetheless, this is after-all not a super-ideal diamond, but more towards a decent performer for its price. Therefore, it is a good value buy to me.

At USD 846 + USD 30 (shipment handling fee) = USD 876, using MoneyMatch to make the transfer, the price is RM is RM 3730.83.

Use MoneyMatch to transfer for cheaper rates compare to local banks

Add 6% GST, the price is RM 3954.68. Add some misc. charges for GST on freight and insurance, the final price will be approximately RM 4000.00. Comparable diamonds at WhiteFlash or Brian Gavin Diamonds will probably hit 4 digits USD,

WhiteFlash ACA F VS2 Price Range

Brian Gavin Diamonds G VS2 Price Range
That's why this is a value buy with not too bad performance.

Memory Jewellery offers pretty reasonable priced ring settings and a simple solitaire using your own custom design probably cost between RM 1000 - RM 1500. Ready-made designs can be cheaper. Check with them on Facebook for latest price. As usual, if you are buying 18k white gold engagement ring, request for palladium and see if they can cater for it. Palladium rarely cause sensitive to skin, like nickel, but nickel is actually relatively safe for most people. Anyway, palladium is a better choice. Then, request for a wider ring shank (the default I think is 1mm) and extra rhodium plating to make the ring setting longer lasting.

So, guess what? A decent 0.4ct F VS2 engagement ring for between RM 5000.00 - RM 5500.00 approximately. It is really worth it.


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