Friday, 10 November 2017

Free International Shipping from Brian Gavin Diamonds until End of the Year!

Great news! Brian Gavin Diamonds is having FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING PROMO until end of the year!

Based on my previous experience, I have paid USD 52.24 for Fedex International Priority delivery (with insurance), but now I can actually save that money! So if I use the current MoneyMatch exchange rate @ 4.2319, I actually saved RM 221.07!

Potential savings because of the free delivery!

By the way, if you don't know yet, MoneyMatch offers a more competitive rate compared to typical bank counter rates, and it is an approved participant in Bank Negara Malaysia's Fintech Regulatory Sandbox. So, your money is in good hands. Don't worry about that. By the way, this morning's rate is even lower, at around 4.22, wihle M2U counter rate is still floating at around 4.28.

With Brian Gavin Diamonds offering free shipping and Memory Jewellery offering competitive pricing for ring settings, it is certainly a good time to buy the proposal ring and prepare for Christmas New Year, or Valentine's Day (you know... the typical moments...) Yes, if you are quick enough, you can get the whole ring done even before Christmas. No kidding. Heck, I believe you can possibly get it done even at the first week of December as well for a typical 18k white gold setting, just check with Memory Jewellery how long they need. And as usual, please request for palladium because they are hypoallergenic, as well as wider ring band/shank. They are experience in doing this and you will certainly get a gorgeous ring. But hey, if you don't mind paying a premium and comfortable that you can get the ring size right just ONE TIME, you can even order directly from Brian Gavin Black's jewellery!

Now, I have a forumer that successfully ask the sales consultant to exchange the loose diamond ring box for a temporary ring holder with the engagement ring clipped on it (can’t promise you can certainly get it, but worth a try). This is certainly an alternative way to propose without worrying about the ring setting because some may worry that the design they choose is not what their girlfriend likes (not all guys can think like girls and guys and girls taste can be different). However, do take extra precaution when playing around with the temporary ring setting because if you clipped it without paying attention, there is a chance that you may send your diamond flying out! Also, don't shake the ring too much if possible when it is exposed, and certainly, don't drop it. Although I believe it won't fly out when it is clipped properly, but hey, we have to be careful, right? He also managed to get a satin engagement ring box! I can't promise anything, but you can always try to persuade the sales consultant to give you one, especially if you are buying Black by Brian Gavin. You can probably tell them you want your significant other (and possibly the people around) to know that this is a Brian Gavin diamond, one of the few bests in the world, if not the best. ;)

Here are some pics:
This is the loose diamond ring box if you buy loose diamond alone
This is how they ship your diamond if you request for a temporary ring holder. They put it inside in this box.

And this is how it looks inside the box.
This is the satin engagement ring box. It is actually pretty nice.

And this is how the engagement ring will be held inside the box.
Loose diamond image is taken from my previous experience purchasing from Brian Gavin Diamonds. The loose ring holder, the loose ring holder with box, the satin engagement ring box is courtesy of “IgnoreMe” from Lowyat forum, one of the proud owner of Black by Brian Gavin! (That is until he proposes :p)

If you need help, just feel free to drop me a message here or you can find me in Lowyat forum under the name "kambingkoh". Thank you for reading and all the best if you are out in the market hunting for engagement ring. :)


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