Tuesday, 14 November 2017

A 0.4ct E VS 2 from Zoara with Decent Proportions & Price Comparison Against WhiteFlash ACAs

Well, this diamond really caught my eye - A 0.4ct E VS2 GIA Triple Excellent from Zoara!

0.4ct E VS2 GIA 6183747850, HCA 0.9, Enchanted Cut Score 100%

GIA 6183747850

Alright, there are some minors complain about the arrows at as below:

Some slight misalignment of arrows as circled in red.

However, at this price point, I find it acceptable. What really captures me is the overall look and feel. Yes, sure it is slightly misaligned but the pattern of arrows are really there distinctively. This diamond has feather inclusions, so as usual, check with the customer service if there are any dangerous feather near the girdle of the edge that will cause durability risk.

Again, you see that I have chosen a diamond with depth above 62%. This is once again acceptable, as this diamond does not sacrifice on performance. This is because the performance is still within acceptable range. The pairing of crown angle and pavilion angle seems nice as well, as the crown angle is slightly on the steep end, while the pavilion angle is slightly on the shallow end. A good inverse relationship as far as I can tell.

At the price of USD 899, add on USD 30 shipping handling fee, the final price for this diamond will be USD 929. Let's use MoneyMatch now:

With exchange rate at 4.2355, the total RM to transfer will be RM 3934.77.
There will be a RM 8 flat transaction fee for anything below RM 5000, but if you apply the discount code REF637, you will get RM 15 off!

For simplicity's sake, we just let the RM 15 savings to contra with the misc. charges. So, add on GST 6% to the final price, and the total now will be RM 4170.86. Now, add on a 18k white gold plain solitaire ring for this diamond with price range between RM 1000 -  RM 1500 at Memory Jewellery, and your final grand total will be approximately RM 5170.86 - RM 5670.86.

Let's see what I can get from WhiteFlash at this price:
3 alternative options from WhiteFlash

As you can see, at this price, we can only get I colour for 40-pointers, and H colour for a diamond close to 40-pointer. So this is the time you have to ask, what is your preference. H colour can possibly still look like colourless range from what I have read, but I colour may show some slight hint of yellow, but I guess it won't be that noticeable without close examination. If I were to go for cut, I will possibly choose this:

WF ACA 0.403ct I VS2 -

WhiteFlash A CUT ABOVE 0.403ct I VS2 Diamond Image
WhiteFlash A CUT ABOVE 0.403ct I VS2 IdealScope Image
WhiteFlash A CUT ABOVE 0.403ct I VS2 ASET Image
WhiteFlash A CUT ABOVE 0.403ct I VS2 H&A Image
It's gonna blow!
Move it to the right...
And move it to the left! Boom!
If you are wondering why I chose that, it is because it gives off the most eye-captivating fire. No doubt about that, if you look at its proportions that show steep crown angle and small table. Although the arrows on the diamond does not look even in terms of length size, but its Hearts & Arrows seem to be the best, if we take the size of all the hearts into concern. Given this diamond has pros more than cons, I think it is the one I would buy among these 3 diamonds.

Anyway, as what you can see, in order to gain Colour, you have to sacrifice on Cut, and in order to gain Cut, you have to sacrifice on Colour. No matter which choice you choose, it will be the best choice for yourself.

So good luck and have fun choosing your engagement diamond!


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