Sunday, 26 November 2017

A Promising 30-Pointer from Zoara!

This 0.3ct E VVS1 diamond that scores a 100% from Enchanted Cut Score Calculator and 0.9 for HCA looks pretty promising. The proportions are great and the arrows are very well-aligned.
Update 27/11/2017 It may very well be a Hearts & Arrows diamond, or at least It may be a near Hearts & Arrows diamond. I am guessing that the 5 o'clock area (the slightly brownish area) might be leaking some light (just a guess), but overall, this is still a good piece for its price.

GIA-2181768633 0.3ct E VVS1

GIA-2181768633 0.3ct E VVS1

Although I don't really prefer that has a table width that is as wide as 57% as smaller table has better fire, but this table size still make this diamond qualify to be a Hearts & Arrows Diamond. Besides, this diamond is one of the best there is to offer by Zoara in terms of 30-pointers. In fact, it is the best to me since I last checked. The 75% lower girdle percentage tells me that this diamond will return bold sparks and 35 degree crown angle may very well return a great amount of fire - probably enough to compensate for the loss of fire from the table's width. The 40.6 degree pavilion angle means this diamond will return a great amount of light. I think that it is paired well with the 35 degree crown angle which is tend towards the steeper side of things because 40.6 degree pavilion angle is tend towards the shallower side of things. The relationship between crown angle and pavilion angle should be inverse of each other, from what I have read so far.

At USD 716 + USD 30 (handling and insurance fee), the total price for this diamond will be USD 746. Given the recent strengthened Ringgit, I think this is a good time to buy diamonds because the exchange rate is already lower compared to a month before. MoneyMatch's USD to Ringgit rate is currently at 4.1563, and the converted amount is RM 3100.60 (MoneyMatch is showing 3100.58). Remember to apply discount code REF637 to enjoy RM 15 discount!

MoneyMatch - Competitive Exchange Rate to save more money

Now, add 6% GST on the diamond's price of RM 3100.60 and the grand total will be RM 3286.64. Round it up to RM 3300.00 to include some misc. charges which consist of GST for freight and insurance. Adding in a setting from Memory Jewellery at a cost of RM 1500, and this makes the whole engagement ring to have a final price of RM 4800.00. Honestly, I think this is really one of the best deal there is. It will be one of the best GIA diamonds you can get if you don't mind to buy without any supporting images. All these are compensated by the lower price for such 4Cs and proportions. I believe you cannot get a similar deal from local vendors.

Please let me know if you need any help. All the best and good luck in your diamond hunting.


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