Monday, 13 November 2017

WhiteFlash ACA Collection Series

Recently people has been asking me about Black by Brian Gavin (BBGD) after my review on it and I am glad that they are a few more proud owner of Black by Brian Gavin in Malaysia! I am so immersed in finding a BBGD for potential clients as well as discussing about it. If you have been following me for sometime, you may wonder, what happened to WhiteFlash?

WhiteFlash is of course, still very much alive and producing pretty decent stones. However, generally speaking, I found that their optical precision is not as good as BBGD's. Don't get me wrong, this is not a very major difference, just a marginal one. Although things have been improving at WhiteFlash this year based on what I have observed, but they still have some catching-up to do. In fact, Brian Gavin Diamond's free international shipping deal really nails it this round, because free shipping worldwide is WhiteFlash's strength, and now Brian Gavin Diamonds sets the bar even, at least until end of this year. Update 14 November 2017 To clear things up, WhiteFlash can have stones that are as good, but just more filtering needs to be done.

And now... seems like WhiteFlash has managed to catch-up. They are now producing some of the best super ideals in the world, with fantastic optical precision! I really can't complain! There was some slight excited feeling that I got to ditch my work aside at this hour (2:15 AM Malaysia time) just to write this. That's how much it excites me.

I particular like the actual diamond photo. It looks unreal but I know it is real. I think is a very contrasting feeling that it really captures me. By the way, they have even updated the certificate to include a tagline - Collection Series, below the original "A CUT ABOVE" branding. With such improvements in terms of optical precision, I think calling it as Collection Series is just... spot on!

Update 16 November 2017
However, A CUT ABOVE Collection Series is actually not a new series, however it only include ACA diamonds from D-F colour range and IF-VVS2 clarity range! However, with the "new" name, I discovered that the optical precision and the performance of the diamonds that fall under that category has actually improved! This is certainly a good news for all because we all now have more options to choose from. It is known as Collection Series because I was told that within the diamond trade, these range of diamonds are known as "collection goods". Check out the introduction of A CUT ABOVE Collection Series here.

Now, that being said, I am looking forward for WhiteFlash to produce diamonds with that kind of improved optical precision from now on, even for lower colour grade or lower clarity grade diamonds. This is because they are an ISO9000 certified company and that requires them to continue to improve their process.

The actual diamond image that is captivating, at least for me.

In terms of performance, I would dare say most of them (if not all) will be on par with BBGD. Of course, this is just pure guessing because I have not compared the two of them side-by-side. On a side note, even if I managed to compare them side-by-side, I don't think it is fair to use just two stones to determine which brand has the best performance. Personally, I think we have to look at them as a whole, and so far, it seems the A CUT ABOVE Collection Series is matching my expectation overall that I have for BBGD (see image below), I am glad that WhiteFlash has stepped-up their game.

The extra contrast (coined as "blue burst" by me), at the center of the ASET image of the certificate.

These two diamonds have already caught my eyes:

First one is the diamond in the picture above, a 0.321ct E VVS1 diamond -

The second diamond is a 40-pointer, which is a 0.432ct F VVS1 diamond -

Really, if you are looking for a decent diamond for engagement ring, A CUT ABOVE Collection Series proves to be one of the best options available.


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